What was the most memorable lesson you learned from your favorite teacher?

 “I can’t wait until I’m free” is the phrase that so many kids repeat throughout their many years of school. Sure, it can be a lot of work and sometimes you don’t want to get up that early in the morning, but school is where we grow up. It’s where we learn a lot of our lessons. Perhaps we didn’t enjoy every teacher we had, but at least one sticks out in our minds.

One of my favorite teachers in high school taught me my least favorite subject. My peers used to say she was “too hard”, but I always found her fair. She used to have everything immaculately organized – even once admitted that she had the year’s lessons planned out for every single day until the end of the year. Her lessons were loaded with content, but halfway through the class, she would give us a five minute break. Firm, but fair!

June is about the time the school year ends for most kids and we’d like to thank all the teachers out there for their patience, their dedication and all of their hard work throughout the year.

To celebrate all of the work that teachers do, we’re asking fans to share the lesson they learned from the teacher they will never forget. We will give away a set of Abeceda Cork and Bamboo Coaster Sets to 5 people who comment on our post on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear the great stories and mementos people will share about their favorite teachers! Do you still remember a favorite teacher of yours?

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