Reduced Packaging

  • Orders now have the option of being placed with 'eco friendly reduced packaging' as an option available at checkout.
  • Bracelets and earrings will be shipped in an eco friendly pouch instead of the standard jewelry box.
  • We're offering this option as a way of letting you choose to reduce the carbon footprint of your order.
  • Perfect option for returning customers who have already received NOGU gift boxes.
  • Not recommended for gift giving or first time customers who would prefer to enjoy the full NOGU unboxing experience.
  • Get 2000 NOGU Rewards Points when you order with Eco Reduced Packaging [1000 + 1000 Bonus for a limited time]
  • In order to select this option in the NOGU App, please add the 'ECO Packaging' item to your cart. This will apply for all eligible items in the cart


NOGU is happy to now offer customers the choice of selecting eco friendly reduced packaging on the checkout page when completing their order. Currently, the eco friendly packaging is only available for bracelet and earring items - customers who select it will receive a small lightweight pouch for each item instead of the standard bracelet or earring gift box. We've already been using this reduced packaging method for warranty replacement orders and are excited to offer it to all of our customers who are interested in finding a way to reduce the ecological footprint of their order.

To see what kind of packaging is included, please visit the product page and check the product photo and video section, where you'll also find a picture of that product's included packaging. 

When it comes to reducing packaging, the most important thing is to reduce the waste and unnecessary materials that are used to make packaging. By reducing the use of packaging, you'll be doing your part to reduce the amount of materials that are thrown away in landfills or just left in the world where they can hurt people or animals.   Less packaging means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. It's important for us to adopt a strategy to reduce packaging materials if we want to reduce our shared carbon footprint. 

With all of our critical partnerships and fundraising efforts we continue to work on with our charity partners around the world who are specifically focussed on reducing ecological harm and repairing the damage done to the environment, providing every customer with the option to reduce the ecological impact of every order is another step in the right direction. 

We believe that there's great value in reducing our environmental impact on the world and we believe in giving the customer the option to choose. 

NOGU's goal is to provide high-quality accessories that are also as environmentally friendly as possible. By choosing the reduced packaging option at checkout, you can help us reach our goal.