Orders to Russia and Belarus are no longer accepted and will not be shipped. #standwithukraine

Orders to Russia and Belarus are no longer accepted and will not be shipped. #standwithukraine


Love your customer service. You meet my high standards for a company

Sandy | Customer & Facebook Fan

Can't wait to get it as I love love love the Dream Catcher which I wear EVERY Day.   
Thanx for getting back to me so quickly.  That is great customer service…which matches your kewl products.

Sher | Customer

Just want to let you know that I recieved my bracelets and I LOVE them. Many complements so far!

Leigh Ann | Customer

Love Love Love the bracelets!!!

Mary | Customer

It arrived and it is really cute! So happy. thanx

Jane | Customer

I can't thank you enough for your contributions to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation

Peggy | Customer

Thank you Mika, you have been so helpful and I appreciate you always getting back to me so promptly! Would certainly do business with you again!

Jackie | Customer

I love this company not only for the beauty and quality, but how they support LGBT. Thank you!

Nancy | Customer

Thank you very much. Don’t see this type of customer service very often. May just have to start shopping with you more!

Marcia | Customer

You know that just because you have been sooooooo kind and helpful that I will be keeping an eye on the site for items to purchase. I have 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters. So, girls rule in my house and of course what do girls like more than anything…….. Yep, you got it. If there is anything that I can fill out to attest to my treatment by you, I would be very glad to do it. Thank you again.

Ellen | Customer

I just received my bracelet and I must say it so beautiful, I wll be ordering from u again in future thanks and appreciate you doing all u did ....

Tanya | Customer

when are you doing another free bracelet giveaway? my white moonstone kikiballa is absolutely gorgeous and i wear it way more often then so many others. cant wait for my buddha stone bracelet. thanks for your help

Amanda | Customer

You have been so wonderful to me, and I appreciate it more than you know. Your company is decent, honest, and a pleasure to work with, and I will buy from you again. Do me a teensy favor? Let me know if you get more of the black wrap bracelets in because I really want one of those!
Thank you for every thing!

Alisa | Customer

I just wanted you to know I loved the last bracelet so much and gave it ad a gift. Had to come back and get my own thank you

Vicki | Customer

THANKS again for the outstanding customer service and wonderful products!

Geri | Customer

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I always type too fast when im checking out and dont double check. Please ship it there. Your bracelets are honestly the most beautiful things ever. SOOOOO nice. I really hope you make the design i suggested with the swirls :)

Pearl | Customer

Just received my bracelet! Just wanted to tell you it's great. Love the colors and the quality. It will join my other ones.
Thank you!

Karen | Customer

I did want to say something, if you are insisting on this replacement (plus another) being free, I won't argue haha, this is an incredibly generous offer and it tells me everything about the people at Joseph Nogucci, whom I will definitely be recommending to everyone, but I hope you know it isn't necessary.  I really can't thank you enough and like I said it means so much to me and I'll be penning a letter of some kind to speak of your dedication and generosity to make a client satisfied.  You guys rock!

Eric | Customer

My kikiballa arrived yesterday and guess what... I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, I love my new bracelet and I can't wait to buy more! I'm definitely going to get some soon for Christmas gifts. Thanks for everything!

Meg | Customer

Seriously, I did some time in "customer/client service I know how difficult it can be.

I hope you are appreciated because I really appreciate you.

Peggy | Customer

Anyway, I have been in customer service for half of my life.... so to have you be so nice and helpful is like a dream to me!!! I will tell everyone I can about the Joseph Nogucci website and how amazing the jewelery is and how very helpful and kind you are!!

Stephanie | Customer

I love how you have new designs ALL the time! It has truly become a bracelet addiction.

Casia | Customer

My leather wrap bracelet is so0o0 nice, I've been getting compliments since it got here! I just ordered two more at the same price. Thanks for being awesome!

Sam | Customer

I love all jewelry that I have purchased from Joseph Nogucci. Thanks for making pretty as well as affordable jewelry.

Debbie | Customer & Facebook Fan

I received my Never Forgets Charmballa today, and I absolutely love it. I have about 10 bracelets from you and I want all the rest .I have one problem with your bracelets. My cat likes to try and take them from my arm by pulling the bead.

Sandy | Customer & Facebook Fan

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