Funds From The Starry Night Ukrainian Aid Awareness Bracelet Collection Support Refugees Through The Ukrainian World Congress.


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The world is a tragically different place after Russia unleashed war in the heart of Europe in the early hours of February 24, 2022. The Russian Armed Forces are shelling peaceful cities, bringing death and terror to Ukraine and to the whole European continent in an attempt to deprive Ukraine of its independence.
The people of Ukraine are resolute and are standing in defense of their families, their homes, and their national dignity. It is up to us to support Ukraine at this critical moment. 

The Ukrainian World Congress, together with our communities and partners, coordinates much needed emergency humanitarian response, provides medical supplies and protective equipment to Ukraine.

NOGU was founded on one guiding principle. Create beautiful jewelry while giving back to causes we believe in. Our goal was to create something more than just a brand. We wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals who cared about the world around them. Who wanted to leave it a little bit better than how they found it.

 As a result, we’ve spent almost a decade championing various charities all over the world that help save oceans, trees, animals, and more. But this year we were challenged with perhaps our most important initiative yet. An initiative to help humankind. 

On March 01 2022 we launched The Starry Night Collection; a limited line of blue and yellow glasswork jewelry supporting our friends at The Ukrainian World Congress. Thanks to your support the bracelets have raised over a staggering $50,000 which has already been donated and is making a difference as we speak.